Get the latest in chip technology with Visa's chip card.

In 2013 the Kenya banking industry proactively adopted the EMV compliance standard for payments cards in the market. The new Visa chip cards have an embedded microchip that stores and generates the information required to authenticate, authorize and process transactions, which is an advancement in card security technology.

So how does this benefit you?

Pay with confidence: your Visa chip card comes with the comprehensive security and protection allowing you to conveniently go about your daily life.

Internationally accepted: Chip cards are already standard in many countries and having one can enhance acceptance when you travel abroad.

Compatible with Non-Chip machines: Visa chip cards also have a magnetic stripe on the back, so you'll still be able to complete your transaction even if the merchant does not have a chip-reading machine.

Using a Visa chip card is simple. Here's how:

Chip & Pin Visa card

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